Breaking these rules may result in a ban!Edit

Wiki Policies:Edit

1. No harssment or bothering of any users for any reason.

2. No spamming pages.

3. No profanity. At all. This includes; links, pictures, and comments.

4. No mean comments or being overly critical of any topic especially when asked to stop.

5. No post/edit wars* *an edit war is when two or more people have a "war" between two or more ideas. Posting something, than someone else changing it, then you change it back and ect.

6. If you are planning to do any critical changing to the pages, you must advice the founder and the admins. (All users MUST follow this rule, users, Chat Mods, Rollbacks, and Admins).

If you dont follow this rule, your progress will be deleted.

Chat Policies:Edit

1. No overuse of emoticons. (More than one emoticon per sentence is considered spam.)

2. Don't use CAPITAL letters all the time. It is considered shouting.

3. No arguing with members/chat mods.

4. Links will be sent by a Private Message or in your message wall.

5. If you get kicked one time and you relapse you offense, you will end up in a ban.

6. Unless you are a chat mod/admin, do not act like a one during chat.


The admins are: DRAGON DUD3, 2442cc (Cbenz), & Stewiej97.

On behalf of the whole wiki team, thank you for following the rules.